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You have planned your special event from top to bottom. The budget has been set. You’ve selected the perfect venue to have your event, the food selection is to your liking, your clothes are “Dress to Impress”, the limousine has the splendor that you require, and the decorations are festive for the occasion. Your money is dwindling down in your budget, and now you are looking for a deal on the music. You figure, I will go CHEAP with the entertainment.

You figure anyone can put on music for an event, all you need are a few CDs or some records, something to play them on, and a few speakers to hear the music, and it’s time to party. Nothing could be further from the truth! Ask yourself, is that quality entertainment?

If CHEAP entertainment is what you want, PHASE ONE ENTERTAINMENT IS THE WRONG COMPANY FOR YOU. Here is the reason why. Have you ever gone to a party, wedding, or any event and experienced bad entertainment? What was your memory of the event over all?

After you have arrived, eaten the food, you want to party and have fun. The entertainment is late, the sound quality is poor, the host/MC is annoying, and isn’t professional. You will always remember how disappointing the event was. The fact is we all want good entertainment whether it’s at a sports event, amusement park, theater, or movie. Guests attending your event deserve to be entertained! The entertainment should be one of the highest priorities.

We Entertain people at your Event!

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